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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:54 am 
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Even though trump is leading in the internal polls, don’t count Hillary out…Remember. Hillary is a democrat…the democrats always get 90% of the black vote and 80% of the Jewish vote. Dems will always get the illegal alien vote, the cemetery vote, the welfare and food stamp vote, not to mention the union vote, the multiple voter vote as well as the brain dead vote, the drug addict vote as well as the Xanax and Prozac voter…Dems also carry the communist vote, the socialist vote, the Muslim terrorist vote and the I hate America vote. Now she just picked up the black lives matter vote, and I hate the cops vote…the dems always get the atheist vote as well as the morally and sexually depraved vote as well as the pedophile vote and the the sexually confused vote. …also the street thug and gangbanger vote. These are all democrat stalwarts. OH, I forget the crazy and the criminally insane vote and the overwhelming majority of the incarcerated vote….and she just recently picked up the “Hooker vote” from the bunny ranch…but I think bill may have had something to do with that….well…I hope I didn’t leave anybody out…..I wouldn’t want to offend anyone."

We lived through Obama, you'll live through Trump

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