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 Post subject: Cosmic Disclosure
PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 3:47 pm 
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HAHA, just found this on the interweb.

If there are aliens directing the government, they sort of suck. What I don't think any of the alien people successfully explain is the wants of any aliens that may be here. I'm not saying they are, just following their thinking for a bit. But let's say they are, then why? It would be like NASA spending billions of dollars to gain all knowledge they can from Nolan and Absolute, there's just nothing there of value to them, like trying to get nuclear physics out of an ape. What could a civilization advanced enough for interstellar or interdimensional travel possibly need from us or the Earth? Even for those who say they're here to extract natural resources, then why didn't they just kill us off or move us? That version of aliens would be more like Independence Day, only with the aliens wiping everyone out. Or pushing the people off the resource they want, guarding them, and leaving when done. The fly in, scoop it out, and take off. The zoo theory doesn't really make sense either. Only thing that makes sense to me is they're marooned on earth and trying to return home. And that was the case, the super secret government interactions should have helped them out now. Maybe they did and now they're just fattening us up for snacks on the trip back home! I'm analyzing the thoughts of crazy people, but it's still interesting to ponder. They're also getting polished in their presentations.

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