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Louder with Crowder infiltrates Antifa. Media walks away.
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Author:  Techmomof2 [ Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Louder with Crowder infiltrates Antifa. Media walks away.

https://www.redstate.com/patterico/2017 ... ro-speech/

This is a fascinating video. It shows Steven Crowder and a colleague infiltrating Antifa before a Ben Shapiro speech, discussing weapons that they have (including some serious firearms) — and the curious indifference of media on the scene. Worth watching:

The always excellent John Sexton sums up the clip in this paragraph:

As you’ll see in this clip, Crowder’s producer Jared put on a disguise and met with members of Antifa who installed an app on his phone to allow them to communicate. The protest plan, according to the organizer, was “plain clothes and hard tactics.” That meant not dressing in black or wearing masks, which had been banned by police, but preparing for violence. At a subsequent meeting, one member of the group discusses the guns he has in his trunk. Another member hands Jared an ice pick. Jared immediately makes an excuse and takes the footage of local police who have already been monitoring the situation. Crowder ends the clip by focusing on the media.

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