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Is Trump Restoring Separation of Powers?
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Author:  USN_Hokie [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Is Trump Restoring Separation of Powers?

I still harbor deep concerns about the rule of law in America today. As reflected solely by President Trump’s Twitter feed, I worry about his inappropriate attacks on the judiciary, calls for the prosecution of his political opponents, taunts of foreign dictators, delegitimization of the press, and failure to address sexual and other improprieties in his own party, to say nothing of our stark policy differences. With respect to the separation of powers, however, if the Trump administration actually follows through on its promises concerning delegation, due process, and deference, there will be a sea change in how the administrative state functions. Indeed, each of these actions will, ironically enough, weaken the executive and restore the separation of powers in the long run. That alone would be a remarkable disruption of the status quo.

http://amp.nationalreview.com/article/4 ... own-powers

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